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Science in the Kitchen - Cooking Up Curiosity is a Course

Science in the Kitchen - Cooking Up Curiosity

Started Sep 21, 2020


Full course description

The NPI “Science in the Kitchen – Cooking up Curiosity” program will explore the science, production, automation, distribution, and workforce behind the Texas food industry using the “kitchen” and “cooking” as alternative platforms to convey STEM knowledge and information. NPI endeavors to collaborate with Texas producers, businesses, and agencies to highlight the convergent, robust Texas pipeline of food production. Each “cooking” episode will have science factoids “peppered” throughout the demonstrations of simple dishes being prepared to encourage K-12 students and families to replicate at home for a delicious, healthy, and educational dish. Each “in the field” episode “unearths” the STEM before food enters the kitchen highlighting the vertical integration of the Texas food chain by our collaborators.

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